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We buy houses with cash. Households in bankruptcy, foreclosure and credit card debt.

No need to list your home as a for sale by owner.

Whatever your circumstances are. 

Vacant home, fire damaged home, hoarder home, trashed home, rental home, code violation home, inherited home…

I don’t care. I want to buy your house.

Fast with cash.

Here is how it works:

We will gather information, per the phone or email, on the property.

We listen and make you a soft cash offer for your home in it’s as-is condition. 

We respect your time as well as ours. If we can’t come close to a mutual agreement on price and terms by phone or email, then our home cash buying service may not be right for you at this time.

If we are close in price and terms, we will then come walk the property and present you with a fair offer for your home in it’s as-is condition.

No experience needed.

We use simple, transparent, and non confusing contracts and fully explain to you each step of the way. 

Experienced professionals handle ALL document processing for you. 

Only a few signatures will be needed.

No need to clean, no need to fix anything and no need to worry because…

We make it easy.

Worried about bandruptcy, foreclosure, credit card debt. that keeps snowballing day by day as you wonder what to do.

Give us a call at 303-345-5450


Hand reaching out

Unlike most advice I see on the internet, I don’t recommend running out and hiring a real estate agent to run comps. Doing this may lock you into a long-term contract with them, limiting your options and reducing your profit when selling.

You must understand, these articles on the internet, are written by agents to bolster their income.

But that said, there are times you will get more money for your home listing with an agent.

Although you could get more money selling with a real estate agent, you will pay commissions upwards of 6% deducted right off the top from your sale price.

So selling your home with a real estate agent or company for $300,000 would only net you around 282,000 after paying the commissions then subtract your closing costs on top of that.

Selling with an agent will have many “tire kickers” just curious about walking through the house with no intention of buying.

And the ones that do want to buy may get held up, denied or an amended contract loaded with contingent sale conditions from the loan servicer. 

Why is that important?

Is the house in pristine condition, updated, maintained and ready to live in?

If so, then list with a real estate agent. This would be the best situation for you.


If it is not updated, maintained and ready to sell, you need to ask yourself…

“Do I want the hassles of hiring contractors and waiting months getting the house ready to sell, or do I want to sell NOW?”

Look, if you do decide to sell this home or the one you were living in, consider using us.

There are many “We Buy Houses” companies out there that will make offers for your home.

But there are ways they can maneuver timelines, inspections and such to squeeze more money out of the deal during the closing process.

You can be sure, our offer will be honest, fair and transparent with cash.

We will never put the closing timeline in jeopardy in order to renegotiate our contract.

Please note: We are a husband and wife team and are not part of any real estate sales agency, therefore, no real estate agent commissions will be paid to us.

This one note above can save you around 6% in commission fees.

So selling your home with a real estate agent or company for $300,000 would only net you around 282,000 after paying the commissions then subtract your closing costs on top of that.

We pay your closing costs!

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