Vacant Home Tips

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Your Vacant Home Tips

So, you are planning on spending a few weeks, months or more away from home, leaving it vacant.

Just realize that theft and vandalism are very common in vacant homes.

Tell a friend, relative or neighbor know you plans and have them check the house every day or so.

Stop any deliveries or have a trusted neighbor receive them every day like the newspaper, packages or mail.

Set up automatic electronic payments for any upcoming bills such as mortgage, utilities and taxes.

Shut off the water and drain lines.

Keep heat on a minimum temperature to prevent any inside freeze damage such as frozen pipes or expanding and contracting wood.

Set outside lights on a timer to illuminate the entrances.

Make sure, while you are gone, to check with the person watching your home periodically.

Call your homeowner’s insurance company and discus your plans and how it effects your policy.

PLEASE NOTE: You might not be aware that most standard insurance companies do not cover losses that occur when the house has been vacant for a long period of time. Usually around 30 days or so.

Claims made for losses while the house is vacant past this time, most likely will be denied.

If your home is going to be vacant for over a year, you might want to think about some things.

You must pay someone to take care of things like maintenance like shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing grass, pulling weeds, watering grass in summer and so on.

You must pay taxes, code violations and for other things like insurance.

Your home becomes a target for theft, break-ins, graffiti on the house or  squatters.

Maybe you are holding on to the house because although you have left your heart still remains.

When you do decide to sell your vacant home, just think, the empty walls will again know joy, every room experience laughter and windows open to new experiences because of you!

It is easy to sell…

No repairs needed, sell as-is condition.

Get cash and close fast.

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