"Picture of a home in code violation"

Code Violations

Getting a code violation on your property is a nuisance, but these codes protect the city resident’s health, safety, the area’s home values and sanitary living conditions.

Since these code violations are part of public record, you may get bombarded with solicitations from individuals wanting to do the work.

Be careful with whom you hire.

Sadly, there are many corrupt individual companies out there taking advantage of your misfortune.

Have them give you referrals of past clients and talk to them.

Check for any online bad reviews.

Get estimates from 3 potential companies comparing service experience and price.

Call your city right away if the company you hire is booked past your code violation  deadline. They should have no problem giving you an extension.

If you keep getting code violations and homeowner maintenance is stressing you out, you do have options.

One option is to sell. This could have been a problem for you if you don’t have the time or money to remedy your code violation. UNTIL NOW.

Maybe it is time to find a condo or town-home where all the outside maintenance is up-kept and manicured eliminating outdoor stresses for you.

Whatever your situation. Whatever your home’s condition. It doesn’t matter, I want to buy your house.

We provide a fair and fast cash transaction.

We pay all closing costs.

We are not licensed real estate agents, therefore, you will not be charged any fees for any of our consultation services.

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