Bankruptcy & Looming Foreclosure

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Bankruptcy & Looming Foreclosure

The Agony Of Bankruptcy & Looming Foreclosure

Bankruptcy & Looming Foreclosure Myths

        You may think when you file bankruptcy it cleverly protects you from losing your home to foreclosure.

        Bankruptcy will stop foreclosure but will not vanquish it.

        What you need is a roadmap with step-by-step guideline to all your options when you negotiate with your bank.

        There are 10 options.

        Do you trust your bank to fill in the blanks on the option, that statistics show, is best for you?


        Do you think they might pick an option that exploits your lack of knowledge and puts them in the best moneymaking position?

        Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of debt.

        Yes, it will stop the foreclosure to buy time for you to get the property sold through a cash sale, a short sale, until the bankruptcy reorganization is done or until the home is sold by your lender at the foreclosure sale. 

        I specialize in helping people understand all the options they have when negotiating with their bank.

        I usually start by providing you with a free information package.

        You can get this free information package by CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD PAGE!

        If you want me to explain how-to pick the right option in your situation, give me a call.

        We never do, or never will, charge you any consultation fees. Nor will we ever charge you any real estate commission fees. Note: (Only if you are not currently listed with a real estate agent.)

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