Brutal Hardships That Occur After Foreclosure

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Brutal Hardships That Occur After Foreclosure

When you lose your home to foreclosure, it is no surprise that your credit will take a shellacking.

Wreaking havoc on your credit score which may freefall as much as 280 points.

It isn’t all catastrophe news. Studies show that making sure all your credit payments are on-time for up to three years or more, should help turn your credit score back around.

Don’t think credit is the only disastrous news after a foreclosure. Once your home is sold at auction, you must vacate the property.

You might not have anywhere to move all your belongings. Any possessions not removed on your eviction date will be lost forever.

As you walk away from your home, you may feel all that foreclosure BS is behind you.

But it may not be.

You see, the banks haven’t forgotten you.

Lenders in most states can sue you for the unpaid balance on your mortgage and/or any fees or expenses for the foreclosure too.

That is why it is so important to know what your options are and how to negotiate with the bank.

The foreclosure process is brutal enough without having greedy banks punishing you for unpaid balances afterward.

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