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HomeSaler Solutions was founded by Bob Grzywa & Josie Grzywa in the spring of 2019.

Bob and Josie have been happily married for over 4 decades with 3 wonderful children and 6 fantastic grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren because family is important and they value all the special moments created together.  

They ran a successful contracting business for 14 years working in million dollar homes and were regularly booked three months in advance.

Next they ran a contractor services referral company interacting with homeowners and contracting companies. 

Their next venture was flipping homes. They found homes, crated a project plan, and executed their home flips for a successful increase in home value and equity.

Now they are the owners of HomeSaler Solutions, LLC.

They started HomeSaler Solutions, LLC. with the goal of explaining to homeowners  going through financial hardships the options they have to save their home.

Being in Colorado, they enjoy spending time with family, walking their two Havanese dogs, staying in cabins in the mountains, hiking, off road jeep adventures, nature watching, photography, the sunshine and just being together. 

That is their story and they would love to hear your story!

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